Are you Amish?

The short answer is NO. A little more detailed answer could be: we share most of the fundamental beliefs of the Amish but differ in practice. The most obvious examples would be we do not shun the use of electricity, home phones, and automobiles as do the Amish. We would rather be known as those who love and follow the Lord Jesus Christ. Our webpage “Anabaptism Today” is a good description of what we believe.

Do you all live in one community and do organic farming?

Again the short answer is NO. We live in houses scattered through the countryside just like anyone else. Some of us do some farming, but some do not. Some do it organically and some do not. Most of us would have a poly-tunnel and vegetable garden to help provide for our family. We are employed in various ways throughout the south-east of Ireland.

Can you contribute to my research?

We get many requests that start like this: “I am a student doing research on __________.” We are very sorry, but we have no one who has the time required to answer all the research students that contact us with a project they are working on. We are glad you have chosen such a noteworthy topic and wish you the best in your work. Remember, if you search for the LORD with all your heart, you will find Him!

Can we come and stay with you for awhile?

Everyone is welcome, but we are not a tourist destination. There are plenty of those in Ireland! If you are interested in anything but deepening your relationship with Jesus Christ, than you should probably look elsewhere. The best idea is to just attend a Sunday morning service to start with and get to meet us that way.

I am interested in joining your community. How do I join?

Sure you can join! First of all you will want to get to know us. And vice versa. We find most people have many ideas about us that are not based on reality. Attend a meeting for starters. We’ll be happy to meet you. Read our page “Anabaptism Today” and see how closely you identify with us. But most importantly PRAY! Let God lead you.