Harvest Festival 14/10/2023

Order of Events              

Start and Introduction: 13:00

Races: 13:15 – 15:00

           Two-team Relay Race

           Cycling Race

           Sack Race

           Children’s Sack Race

           Egg and Spoon Race

           Children’s Egg and Spoon Race

           Couples’ Wheelbarrow Race   

           Wellington Toss

           Foot Race

           Children’s Foot Race

           Toddlers’ Foot Race

Side Shows: anytime throughout afternoon

           Giant Jenga

           Volleyball Mini

           Mate Tug

           Guess the Weight of the Pet

           Corn Hole

           Giant Connect 4

Team Games: 15:15

           Prisoners Bars

           Tug of War

Snail Race: 16:00

Pet Show: 16:15     

Announcement of Competition Winners: 16:45

Dinner: 17:00

Community Singing: 18:00

Competitions and Entries

Arts and Crafts:

           Children’s Drawing

           Wild Bouquet


           Wall Art

Baking and Cooking:

           Children’s Cookies

           Chocolate Cake

           Men’s Barbeque Sauce

           Bread Baking

Information and Event Details 

Race Details:

Age Limits: All children’s races and competitions are for children 12 or under. For the Toddlers’ Race, the child must be three years of age or younger.

Cycling Race: Contestants must be over 12 years of age. The cyclist will be sent off at one-minute intervals to complete a 5 km route.  

Foot Race: Contestants will be running a distance of one mile along the Kilmaquague Road.

Children’s Foot Race: Contestants will be running approximately 100 metres on the church property.

Snail Race:

Bring a snail from your garden to compete in this race. All snails will be placed in a central circle to begin. The snail to first cross the outer circle is the champion. Please have your snails marked (a dollop of paint or a sticker). Everyone (young and old) is welcome to join.

Pet Show:

Bring your beloved pet to this show. Any pet that can be led, carried, or ridden in a circle is eligible. The judges will announce three winners: the most obedient, the cutest, and the most unique. All animals must be on a lead or in a cage at all times. There will be space in the barn on the Maher property for animals to stay.


Dinner will be served at 17:00 in the church dining room. Everyone is welcome, and while no contribution is mandatory, it is strongly encouraged. If you are interested in contributing, please bring a traditional dish from your family or background.

Community Singing:

After dinner, we will gather in the chapel to sing harvest hymns and other songs for approximately 45 minutes.

Competition Entry Details:

Children’s Drawing: Children from 2-12 years of age can enter any drawing or painting of their choice. Please include the child’s full name and age.

Wild Bouquet: This completion is open to anyone of any age. The flowers must be gathered or picked—not purchased. Please include your name and age.

Photography: Anyone is welcome to enter a picture taken in the past year. Editing is permissible.

Wall Art: This competition is open for contestants thirteen years of age and older. Any piece of handcrafted wall art is permissible. Be creative with your medium—paper, wood, clay and textiles are all options. Possible ideas include macramé, calligraphy, tapestries, wooden mottos, and paintings.

 Children’s Cookies: Children of 12 or younger may enter a cookie that they baked. Please include a tag with the child’s name and age.

  Chocolate Cake: This competition is open for contestants thirteen years of age or older.

   Men’s Barbeque Sauce: All men are welcome to enter a sauce of their own creation.

  Bread baking: Anyone is welcome to bring a loaf of home-baked bread. Any type of bread is eligible: sour-dough, french, whole-grain, or white.

Side Show Explanations:

Giant Jenga: Try your skill at pulling blocks of wood from a massive tower without toppling the whole thing!

Volleyball Mini: Collect a group of four players to bump a volleyball around within a round court. The team with the highest number of hits before the ball hits the ground is the winner.

Mate Tug: Find a mate and stand on two stumps, holding the rope in between each other. See who can topple the other first, without being toppled themselves.

Corn Hole: Score points for your team by throwing the corn bag through the hole on the board.

Giant Connect Four: Match your wits with your opponent while trying to place four discs consecutively in the huge playing board.